2020 - 2023

Creative lead
Moochi Key Pieces are designed as the baseline to the client’s wardrobe and considered essential to everyday outfitting and styling needs. Whilst simple in form and monochromatic in their offering, they are crucial to seasonal changes, and are therefore released only twice a year to provide solutions to spring and autumnal shifts. As the campaign for Key Pieces runs over six-monthly cycles, the imagery was created to capture each garment true to form but without dating aesthetically throughout this timeframe.

Similar to the Palette campaigns, I was responsible for Key Pieces campaign conception and implementation, including photographic style, photographer, model and how each campaign rolled out digitally and physically. I worked with and managed the graphic design team to ensure successful execution.

spring summer ‘21
Maintaining the essence and ethos of Key Pieces, I designed this campaign to portray today’s woman ready to go out and face the day ahead in a no-nonsense way. To achieve this, the model is seen in a notional modern home environment, where the minimal décor complements the simple lines of the garments.

autumn winter ‘21
For Autumn Winter, the garments were designed with organic and free flowing shapes. Focusing on these forms as the basis, my concept for this campaign was to create an abstract gallery environment, where the model is integrated into the setting becoming almost like a sculpture herself.

spring summer ‘22
Contemporary dressing is at the core of Key Pieces. Spring-boarding off this idea, I created the Spring Summer campaign to present the garments and the model as pieces of modern art. Some of the images are reminiscent of surrealism as the model seemingly defies gravity.