'20 - present

Creative lead
Right from the initial seed of the idea through to launch, I was responsible for the conception of Moochi campaigns and overseeing their execution. This involved creative and budget decisions about photographic and videographic style, photographer, model, graphic treatments and how these translated to all outputs across different channels. In addition to standard digital channels, I also planned how each campaign transferred to the in-store experience.

Once templates and visual treatment were established, I worked with, supported and managed the graphic design team to ensure that the concept and values were maintained for the duration of the entire campaign.

April '22

Emerging from a time of Covid lockdowns and disruptions, this palette explores the concept of stepping into a new tomorrow with a reinvigorated sense of strength and purpose. Set in a futuristic white void, continuum creates a sense of freshness and freedom which moves forward from the past that has gone before.

June '22
In this campaign, the convergence of art and dress is symbiotic – a seamless and instinctive interaction. The clean lines of the gallery interiors play on the idea that subconscious artistic decisions result in distinctive style, which is showcased in a series of bold personal statements that can be tailored by the intuition of the wearer.

August '22

This palette launched the spring season which is symbolic of fresh starts. The concept is designed to evoke a sense of new beginnings and a gentle reminder of warmer days to come. It is infused with ethereal softness and an organic eternal connection to the earth.

January '23

For this campaign, we settle back into the everyday at the start of a new year, but warm breezes, sunny days and balmy nights still linger on. The concrete steps, walls and streets of the city are the backdrop for our busy back-to-work lives. But the sun and shadows serve as a subtle reminder of the last end-of-summer soirees, long lunches and holiday weekends still to be enjoyed.