Art Direction + Design
Ogilvy New York
Going to college or university for young students is a big deal, and the sense of pride felt extends out beyond the students themselves to their parents, family and friends. Although COVID-19 has changed how the experience of going to college looks in 2020, we created this campaign to highlight that the emotions and sense of achievement and pride remain the same.

A vast array of assets was created across different platforms. To maximize the impact of social media, we repurposed our original shoot into numerous small vignettes, clips and stills to keep the content fresh. We also pulled in inspiration from channel specific
trends – for example, TikTok-inspired dance moves for IG and how-to-inspired posts for Pinterest.

Shooting during COVID-19 brought its own challenges. The talent were real families in their own homes. Due to COVID restrictions, we shot remotely in Utah and Atlanta with our Ogilvy team being in New York and our director in Connecticut. Every 15 minutes the film crew had to take a break outside to comply with state law. We had 1x :30s, 3x :15s and a large amount of social assets to capture across 2 days. It was a tight time-frame with challenging parameters, but we pulled it off.