Art Direction + Design
Ogilvy New York
The Made Ready campaign was the launch of a new identity for Citizens Bank. It promotes the concept that the bank is ready to travel alongside its customers whose own lives are ready for wherever their unique individual journeys may take them.

The focus was to build on the bank’s existing strong and successful relationship with its older customers, and move forward to proactively target its millennial customers and grow that base.

To reach this new target audience, we undertook a significant brand facelift with the bank. We transferred the emphasis from the feel and look of a stereotypical conservative bank to something that was new and exciting and youthful. The end result needed to be appropriate to the times and relatable. Partnered with a casual tone of language, we included imagery that acknowledged the LGBTQ+ community, people of different abilities and those of different ethnicities. This was a significant change in the public profile of a bank that previously had a predominantly white older affluent audience.

One important element we introduced was the use of handwriting. This created a sense of playfulness that was entirely different from the bank’s previous brand image.

I worked with another art director to hand-draw every story in this campaign. You look at your own handwriting very differently when you see it blown up large in a train station!